What is an insurance waiver? 

Registered international students are required to enroll in a health insurance plan. An insurance waiver is the process of opting out of the health insurance plan offered by your college or university and enrolling in a comparable, more affordable plan. For school-specific waiver regulations, please refer to your school’s website.   


  • Save money for things you love 
    The saving cost of insurance waivers can be significant, sometimes thousands of dollars a year. Health insurance plans offered by universities or colleges are usually more expensive, because the costs are calculated according to the risks of a larger demographic.  

  • Stay covered for the quality care you need  
    You will still get adequate protection against all odds at school with Student Medicover. Our services are designed by international students, for international students – no one understands your needs better than us, since we’ve all been there before.  


How to Waive? 

  1. Purchase an insurance plan. For more instruction click here.

  1. Download Insurance Card 
    After your insurance enrollment information has been processed, download your insurance ID card at www.uhcsr.com. For more instruction click here.

  1. Submit a waiver 
    Visit your school website to fill out the waiver form. Submit the waiver, along with other required documents.  

Find waiver information on your insurance ID card: 

  1. Group number = policy number 

  1. Insurance ID Number = SR ID = Member ID = Identification Number (Can be found on your insurance card)

Things to consider  


Where to find School-Specific Waiver Instructions? 

Visit the Student Health Center page on the website of your college or university for specific wavier instructions.  


For Chinese-speaking international students, find step-by-step waiver guides on our WeChat Official Account. Select Waive > Waive Instructions on the menu and choose your school.  

WeChat Official Account 


Does my school accept insurance waiver? 

Students from these universities have successfully opted out of the student health insurance provided by universities and enrolled with Student Medicover: 

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