How can I get an Temporary Insurance ID Card?

You can view and download your temporary ID card from Login to you Student Medicover account, Click download ID Card, and choose your current plan, click "Download".

The Temporary ID card is used to waive school insurance only. If you want to use temporary ID to visit doctor, your enrollment information can not be found. 

Where can I get a Permanent Insurance ID card? 

You can view and print your insurance ID card or request a physical one from www.UHCSR.comWith the UHCSR mobile app, you can access your insurance ID card any time. 


  • Generally, once the payment is completed, you can log in United Healthcare Student Resources website to create account and download your insurance ID card. If not, please be aware it may takes approximately 24-48 Business hours for you to download your ID card due to mandatory processing delays by our Provider, United Healthcare Student Resources. 
  • If you receive a notice that states, “Unable to Verify,” processing has not yet been completed. We appreciate your patience during this temporary delay.

How can I request a physical insurance ID card? 

Log in to your UHCSR account. Click “Request Permanent ID Card” under “My Account.” Permanent ID cards are printed and mailed to the address on file the day after your request is made.

How do I register for a UHCSR account? 

  • You may create your account immediately after purchasing an insurance plan. 
  1. Visit and click “Login to My Account” in the top-right corner.

        2.  Select the Create Account link.  

        3. Fill out the following information.


UHCSR provides secure online access to coverage information, print-friendly insurance ID cards, and claims status, including associated correspondence. 

What if I forget UHCSR account username and password?

You can try to use email to retrieve username and password or call at 866 352 8632 to get the account information.