How do I pay for my medical bills? 

If you bring your insurance ID with you while visiting an in-network doctor or hospital, there is no need for you to file a claim after your visit. Care providers will contact the insurance company first, and then send you the rest of the bill that you need to pay along with instructions for payment methods. 


If you visit an out-of-network doctor or hospital, you need to pay up front, and then file a reimbursement claim within 90 days after you receive the service. 


How do I file a claim for my medical bills? 

If you need to file a claim, please send the following documents to UnitedHealthcare Student Resources within 90 days after you receive the service: 

  1. An itemized bill (please ask your doctor or hospital for it). 

  1. Proof of payment (a bank statement can be downloaded from your bank account). 

  1. A copy of your insurance card. 


For detailed instructions, please check “Claim Instruction.”