What can happen when I get my vaccines in a pharmacy?

After showing your Insurance ID to the pharmacist:

  • The bill will be sent directly to the insurance company. You have nothing else to worry about.
  • If the pharmacy system shows that the vaccine “is not covered” or the pharmacy is not in-network, please ask the pharmacist to contact the insurance company at 1-866-352-8632 (you can find this number on your Insurance ID). The insurance company will tell the pharmacist how to deal with the bill. You don’t need to pay for the bill.
  • If you paid the bill by yourself. Please contact the pharmacy and use Super Bill to file a claim. The pharmacy will refund you directly after the claim is completed.

Can I get my vaccines at student health center?

Yes. However, sometimes you need to pay for the bill by yourself first and file a claim after your visit. It takes about one month to process the claim. A check will be sent to your address after the claim is processed. For specific instructions on how to file a claim, click here.

If you bring your Insurance ID and get vaccines in our in-network hospitals/pharmacies, you don’t need to pay for the bill.

Is HPV covered?

If you are under 46 years old when you take the vaccine and purchased our Prime, Elite or Choice plan, your HPV will be 100% covered.


Are vaccines covered?

Your vaccines will be 100% covered if they are defined as preventive. For example, MMR, TDAP, chickenpox are covered. However, copay or service fee may be charged by the doctor or hospital.

Are body examinations covered?

A body examination is not covered if it is defined as routine care by your doctor; it will be covered if it is defined as preventive care by your doctor. 

Need for help with insurance options and definitions?

Glossary of Insurance Terms (PDF)
HealthCare 101 (PDF)[DL1]

I have questions regarding my account, coverage, and claims, who should I contact?