Due to these unprecedented times, H&W Indemnity (SPC), Ltd. for and on behalf of Student Resources SP, a UnitedHealth Group Company has made the decision to allow our current Student Medicover members an opportunity to extend coverage through the departure date if they recently had graduated and are no longer eligible for the Student Medicover sponsored plan. It is important that our members have access to affordable health insurance during the stay while waiting for a flight to go home. 

This enrollment method is meant for our current members who WILL NOT be eligible this Spring 20/21 semester for the student health insurance program through Student Medicover.

  • Your coverage dates for the above-mentioned policy will begin on your first day following your last day of coverage (no gaps in coverage are allowed) and will extend your current termination date to your departure date.
  • Purchase is required no later than 14 days following your termination date and eligibility for this program ceases after that. Payment is due at the time of purchase.
  • Once enrolled there are no cancellations or refunds except for ineligibility or entry into the armed forces.

To enroll, please send an email application to sm@smcovered.com with your coverage extension request including:

  • Flight flight itinerary/ticket/reservation with departure date
  • Graduation Date
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Enrollment account email address

If you are taking classes or starting OPT in the Spring 20/21 school year, and/or are eligible for the Student Medicover insurance plan, you should NOT enroll via this process. Your enrollment method is still available through Student Medicover. This extension of coverage is not meant to replace the existing enrollment procedures in place for current eligible students, but to supplement for students who are no longer eligible for the Student Medicover Student Health Insurance Plan. Again, this is ONLY for students not returning in the Spring or not meeting eligibility requirements.