Yes. This year, we are excited to introduce to you the new coverage benefit that can help you enjoy our new ophthalmic benefits. For members who purchase with Prime, Elite or Supreme plans, the benefits include "Routine Eye Exam" and "Vision Care Supplies" as $100 maximum per policy year(coinsurance 100%) so you can use it whenever you need care on treatments & procedures regarding ophthalmology. 

For international students, there seems to be an expensive cost of an eye exam, and figuring out how to get the right vision care supplies can be challenging. We can offer the vision benefits for our Prime, Elite, Supreme members and help to get the best coverage to save the budget. Since the vision benefits are the extra benefits. Members need to pay up front, and then submit an reimbursment claim in the UHCSR account.

There are three documents you will need to reimburse the expense for a routine eye exam: itemized bill(must include vision center's name, address, phone number, tax id, and CPT code for routine eye exam), proof of payment, and your insurance card. 

There are four documents you will need to reimburse expenses for the vision supplements: receipt (need to include a description of the item you purchased, item price, store name, address, phone number, and tax id), prescription(you will get a prescription after you did eye exam), proof of payment and your insurance card. 

Please submit these vision benefits reimbursements to UHCSR separately as a medical claim.