What services are available to me if I think I might be sick or need to talk to someone?
Members who feel like they may have been exposed to COVID-19 are being advised to immediately call their provider. To find a network provider they can visit My Account or their UHCSR mobile app

If you need to talk to someone but aren't sick, UHCSR insureds have access to Student Assistance Program to assist telephonically including 24/7 counseling, health risks assessments, health/fitness calculators and other helpful resources. The phone number is available on your UHCSR Mobile App or your My Account.

Will testing and physician visits be covered for COVID-19?
Yes, we will be waiving cost sharing for COVID-19 diagnostic testing (virus/antigen) through the national public health emergency (currently set at 1/10/2023). Tests must be ordered by a physician or appropriately licensed health care professional for purposes of diagnosis or treatment of an individual member. We’re also waiving cost sharing for COVID-19 testing related visits during this same period. This coverage applies to in-network and out-of-network tests and physician visits.

What about services performed outside of the US, will it be covered?

Yes, The claim will be subject to policy provisions and limitations. If the policy includes HealthiestYou, our telehealth product, it will now allow free visits outside of the U.S. Contact the Customer Services number on your ID card for more information. 

You can submit the claim via My Account. If you need help, watch the video.

Will the treatment be covered for COVID-19?

Yes, the treatment will be covered based on the policy brochure.

Will cost-sharing be waived for Telehealth visits?
All policies that have access to HealthiestYou will continue to provide telehealth visits at no cost throughout the policy year. 
Will the vaccines be covered?
Yes, you will be able to get the vaccine at $0 cost-share, no matter where you get the vaccine in the U.S. and including when two doses are required, at both in- and out-of-network providers through the national public health emergency period*. The cost of COVID-19 FDA-authorized vaccine serums will initially be paid for by the government. Administration fees for in-network providers will be based on contracted rates. Administration fees for out-of-network providers will be based on CMS published rates
My provider recommended I get a test, and I don’t know where to go. 

Will the SHC referral requirement apply?

The referral provision will be waived for COVID-19 tests and/or treatment. In the event a claim is denied for no referral, it can be appealed for reconsideration.