The following types of modifications may be requested through your sm account or email or tickets:

1. Change personal information(birthdate/email address etc.)

2. Refund

3. Coverage adjustment(member could renew themselves for coverage more than 90 days from

In order to submit a modification request, the following information is required

  • Name:
  • Email Address Used to Register the Account
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport copy

For refund:

  • The reason you need to cancel the plan
  • Official documents( For example, official waiver denial, which must be submitted within 2 weeks of purchase)

For coverage adjustment:

  • The reason you need to modify the plan
  • Official documents if possible( For example, official waiver denial, school program requirement)

If you can read Chinese, you can refer to the following link to know how to submit the request:

Requests have to be submitted through the website portal, email, or tickets to be consider a valid request.