We wanted to clarify that Student Medicover does not charge member for transaction fee. Some bank will charge this fee for certain type of account. However, as a courtesy of being our member, we would like to reimburse this amount to your bank.


But the reimbursement would be one time only for each person. If the foreign transaction fee is charged to you for the second time, we would not make the reimbursement again. For your concerns, it is best to avoid using the bank that charges a foreign transaction fees. (e.g. Bank of America, PNC Bank)


Please fill out your account information in the attached excel sheet and provide a screenshot including your insurance premium transaction in your bank statement. The bank routing number is a nine-digit code(for paper&electronic).


Please notice the amount will post to the policy owner’s account; an account that's not in your own name will not be accepted. Please verify your account and routing numbers prior to submitting. Student Medicover assumes no responsibility for account information error.


Please let us know if you have any additional questions.