How can I waive insurance? 

  1. Visit to purchase an insurance plan that meets the minimum insurance requirements of your school. 

  1. Visit to create an account and download your insurance card. 

  1. Submit your waiver application to your school before the waiver deadline. 

Do the Student Medicover plans meet the minimum insurance requirements of my school? 

Student Medicover strives to offer plans that are comprehensive and meets a multitude of minimum requirements. However, university requirements differ

To successfully waive your university health plan, the plan you purchased must meet the minimum insurance requirements of your school. Review the insurance requirements on the university website or contact us to find out if your school accept Student Medicover’s plans at

What can I do if my waiver application is denied? 

Please contact us immediately. Our customer service representatives will assist you if your waiver is denied for eligible reasons. You can always request a refund by sending the following documents to or the Help Center 

  • Your legal name in English, 

  • Your date of birth, 

  • Your email address, 

  • The insurance plan you purchased 

  • A statement such as “I would like to have a refund because my waiver got denied by my school” or a similar explanation of why your waiver got denied, and 

  • Proof of a denied waiver application, such as a screenshot of an email from your school

To waive your school insurance, you can:

Visit website to find the Waive Guide for your University.